The Rescue of Blinky


Here’s a happy rescue story, with thanks to members of the Tingira Boat Club.

Blinky the Turtle was having severe problems when members of the Tingira Boat Club spotted him last Sunday. They were enjoying their regular sailing and kayaking day when someone noticed poor Blinky wallowing on the surface, unable to submerge. His mate was close alongside, obviously distressed by the situation.

Turtles who are unable to submerge eventually starve to death as they can’t feed themselves. The condition is usually brought about by them eating items thrown in the water by we uncaring humans – fishing line, bait with hooks attached, plastic of any nature including those balloons that people are so fond of releasing into the air as a celebration.

The RIB safety boat of the club was brought into play and Blinky (who only has one eye) was hauled into the dinghy and taken to shore where he was kept cool with seawater until another member was called who has wildlife credentials. He contacted the RSPCA on the mainland and soon Blinky was on his way, first by car to the jetty and then via BITS to Redland Bay where the RSPCA were waiting.

Blinky will be treated and then taken to Seaworld or somewhere similar until he is ready to return to the wild.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t tell his mate (as in partner or friend, who knows?) all this.

As a footnote – please don’t throw your trash in the water. We live in a Marine Park. We are fortunate to have these delightful creatures on our back door. Take your rubbish home and dispose of it thoughtfully.