Dead Parrot Society


Sculpture by local artist Ted Upton in forest red gum and monkey vine

Now 37 artists and friends. For information, email: [email protected]

How did the Dead Parrot Society start? A few people on the island met and shared the idea of getting a group of artists together from all fields to meet socially and talk and share with one another how they practiced their crafts.

Someone came up with a funny and fitting name and they organised the first get together of artists, writers, poets and sculptors at the Blue Parrot Café on Monday 22nd September 2011 on Macleay Island. It was originally thought that it might be just the organisers who would attend, but it was hoped, as the word spread, that it would grow to a reasonable number. That first Monday in September was a great surprise when 29 inspiring talented people met for an evening of drinks, dinner and art talk.

The solidarity, laughter, poetry reading and storytelling is an entertaining evening for all.