Street Libraries

Street libraries are a fun location for the public to recycle books. The concept is ‘take a book, leave a book or donate a book’. These tiny libraries can be simply a small box on a post, located on the boundary of a resident’s property. They are a great way to encourage literacy and share with others while creating a sense of community.
Of course, on Macleay Island, we are beginning to take it further by providing attractive street art.

The first installed on the island was Robbie’s Street Library at 17 Dalpura Street. It was built by her husband Ian and installed by his team mates of the Renegades Men’s Shed. It is #770 in Australia and was unveiled at a fun event on ‘Neighbour Day’ 25th March 2018,

The second installed on the island was the Revamps Street Library. This was built y the Renegades Men’s Shed for Suzanne Pike, with the beautiful finish work created by her. It is located at her Revamps Studio at 17 Francis Road and is #782 in Australia. It was unveiled at a Snapshots Launch on 1st November 2018 with local residents sharing interesting aspects of their lives. Revamps Studio is a delightful location to enjoy tea, coffee, cake and chocolate on a Saturday morning. There is a colourful directional sign located o the corner of Francis Road and Gregory Street.

The Renegades are grateful to the Friendly Bay Islander for their ongoing support.