Robbie Kirk

Robbie is a writer of contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

Raised in Brisbane, she worked and travelled extensively through New Zealand with her first husband and two toddlers in a Kombi van in the late 1970’s. She now lives with her husband, Ian, who introduced her to the joys and adventure of sailing.  Robbie’s first experience of cruising the Queensland coast was on their 25 foot Top Hat, ‘Odette’. They now live on Macleay Island in a sustainable house they designed for their simple lifestyle. Robbie and Ian camp and sail in ‘PUG’, their 11’ Piccup Pram built by Ian. They enjoy paddling and are often on the mainland travelling to kayaking destinations in their camper van.

KISS – Easy Recipes for small boats without a fridge

In 2000 Robbie and her husband, Ian, set off on an adventure that took them from Macleay Island in Southern Moreton Bay to Cairns and back.  In their 5.63 metre trailer sailer they sailed five hundred nautical miles and towed the boat four thousand kilometres.  The trip lasted five months and the experience of catering for two people on a small boat without a fridge or oven is the basis for this book.  The tested recipes were written on location at anchorages or roadside camp sites and use readily available ingredients from supermarkets.  ‘KISS recipes for small boats without a fridge’ is a must for those who love being on the water no matter how small the boat. 

This simple guide features easy instructions on buying ingredients, storage, planning and managing cooking in a confined space and without the luxury of a fridge. The fortnightly meal menu is a bonus. Whether you are an experienced cook or someone who can’t boil an egg, this book will give you the confidence to spend more time away on your small boat.

Price: $19.95

 ‘Isabel’ is a pictorial tribute to the lives of the farmers and their families who lived on the Islands of Moreton Bay from the 1920’s to the late 1930’s. The recollections of Isabel and other Bay Islanders are illustrated through-out by the treasured sepia photographs which inspired the writing of this book. 

Robbie dedicates this memory prompt book to her Mother, Isabel and others like her who have difficulty in remembering due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease or early dementia. She hopes this book inspires readers to record memories of their family.

 Price: $25 + p/h$5 direct credit or paypal.

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