New laws on backyard fires

Residents and block owners should be aware that Queensland Fire & Emergency Services (which includes Macleay Rural Fire Brigade) and Redland City Council are focusing on problems regarding backyard fires. These will be monitored by our rural fire brigade so please assist them.

All fires, no matter what size, must have a permit issued by the Fire Warden. (Tel: Failure to procure a permit deems any file illegal and action will be taken to extinguish it.)

“In accordance with Schedule 3 of Subordinate Local Law No.3, residents in urban areas or properties less than 6,000 square metres, the lighting of fires is generally prohibited or restricted unless the fire is well contained within a commercial incinerator, barbecue, enclosed fireplace, stove or heater or similar device constructed to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material.
“Burning open piles of rubbish or vegetation is banned under these laws.
“If residents need to dispose of rubbish, they are encouraged to do so for free at their local transfer station.”

Burning rubbish in a small backyard not only puts your house at risk, it puts neighbouring dwellings at risk too.

And before you leap in to say  “I never burn off in a dangerous manner” remember Council has to make laws that cover everyone. Don’t you know somebody that has lit a backyard fire and not put it out properly, only to have it light up again in the middle of the night? Who has lit a heap of rubbish, not paying attention to the fact that the wind is carrying live embers to neighbouring property?