Heritage Trail

The Heritage and Recreation Trail is intended to provide a means whereby people can access and enjoy the many attributes of MacleayIsland; environmental (including flora and fauna), scenic and spiritual. The idea for this trail was first put forward by Macleay Islander Enid Rowe in the 1990s, and has been developed under the auspices of the RKLM Islands Heritage Group and the Macleay Island Progress Association. Funding to construct the trail has come from the Redland City Council.

The trail mostly follows roadways and can be entered and left at any point. However, for convenience, it is considered to start at the main jetty in the south of the Island and circle the Island in a clockwise direction. Follow the signs (a white arrow on a blue background) that, predominately, are mounted on the power poles. Some sections of the trail are not signed, but are interesting nevertheless. The total length of the trail is about 24 km. Information signs will be seen along the trail describing the features of various locations.

The map shows places for swimming and kayaking/canoeing. Many seats are available along the trail, some placed by Redland City Council and many by “The Renegades” in cooperation with Council. The Renegades are a small group of Islanders with a strong community spirit.

Parts of the trail are not yet complete. When completed, the trail will form a continuous loop around the Island with linkages passing through bush areas by way of boardwalks and footbridges. These sections will be some of the most interesting in the trail. They will allow people to view, in a controlled way, the few remnants of original flora, the large variety of plant species, the prolific bird-life, and some of the wonderful ecological habitats that exist on Macleay Island. Please do not enter bush areas where there is no trail.

While every reasonable endeavour has been made to ensure this pamphlet is helpful, the author accepts no liability for its accuracy or for any occurrence that might befall people using the trail.


Please Note: This map shows the trail as it is now. It is a work in progress and some important links are missing. When completed, it will form a continuous loop around the island, with linkages passing through bush areas by way of boardwalks and footbridges.

Parts of the trail are very rough. People shall take sole responsibility for using the trail. They must take care and will be using the trail at their own risk.