Cheeks on Seats


Cheeks on Seats is a Redlands City Council/Macleay Island community partnership. The name “Cheeks on Seats” was chosen as cheeks come into play when you drive, paddle, ride your bike or walk there. And then, of course, you sit on them.

A major part of the project is to identify water access and viewing locations and provide a seat to create a “place” to enjoy the view, serenity, birdlife, the sound of the water, to reflect or even launch a kayak. Another very important aspect is for the community to come together and work with Council to demonstrate a strong sense of harmony and positivity.


Our First Seat
Lovingly created by local sculptor Ted Upton using Mahogany Gum, Paper Bark and Bloodwood, this seat was  erected in memory of Jane Swann, a lovely intelligent young woman, 1982 – 2012.


The Mariners Seat
Sculptor Ted Upton sitting on the Mariners Seat he created. This seat is placed near the Boat Ramp at Dalpura.

cos6 Regina’s Seat
Ted Upton and his Linda with a member of the public. Regina’s seat is situated at the ferry terminal on Macleay Island and commemorates Regina Wachtel. The seat was made by Ted from local timber and the calligraphy was designed by Ruth Venner.

Current locations of seats, swim spots and kayak launch locations as well as historical, environmental and scenic information can be viewed on the Heritage Trail map.