Cheeks on Seats
A Redlands City Council/Macleay Island community partnership, is a project is to identify water access and viewing locations and provide a seat to create a “place” to enjoy the view.

The ‘Renegades’ are a group of a senior men who volunteer to assist within the community of Macleay Island.
They are particularly active in the building and installation of unique viewing seats for all to enjoy.
Phone Ian Kirk on (07) 3409 5886 for further information.

Heritage Trail
This trail is intended to provide a means whereby people can access and enjoy the many attributes of Macleay Island.

Canoe and Kayaking around the island – Redlands Council provides an excellent map of launch spots and places around Macleay Island and other islands in SMBI. Click here for further information.

Island Flora and Fauna


Island Bird Species
Moreton Bay is an internationally recognised wetland and migratory bird habitat. The island hosts several rare and threatened species including Eastern Curlew, Bar tailed Godwit, Red Neck Stint. Other bird species found on the island are the Bush Stone Curlew, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Osprey and Whistling Kites. The comprehensive list of birds seen on Macleay by resident M. Dobe makes interesting reading for twitchers. A good place to view many of the species is through the Heritage Walk. Signs for this walk are posted around the island.


The island occasionally sees whales who have drifted into Moreton Bay. The photo on the front page, taken by Lyn Gread In October 2010 is a small humpback. A southern right whale was spotted in a similar area off Dalpura beach in 2007.

Injured Wildlife
Contact Redlands Wildlife Rescue – 3833 4031

Plants and Bushcare Groups
Macleay is part of the Redland Shire which conserves one of the largest concentration of mangroves in the greater Brisbane area. The Macleay Island coastline includes significant stands of grey, red, orange, yellow and river mangroves. There are several areas of wetlands and an arboretum with mango trees dating from the 19th century.

Cow Bay
Cow Bay is one of Moreton Bay’s hidden gems. On the northern corner of Macleay Island, a bushcare group has been battling erosion to prevent one of the last remaining littoral rainforests in the area from being eroded away.
For more information contact Leigh on 3409 5642.

Cotton Tree Bushcare Site
This Bushcare Site consists of five Council-owned drainage problem blocks at the corner of Cotton Tree and Boat Harbour Avenues. For more information, contact Joanna Hackett on 3409 5522

The Organic Farm
An organic market and farm menagerie open to the public Saturdays 8am – 2pm .
They offer seasonal organic, biodynamic and chemical free produce and stock the fabulous Infinite Earth range.

160924_organic_equinox_005sIf you would like to visit the market, and menagerie of animals at the farm, the owners  will happily pick you up from the ferry upon arrival at Macleay Island.
Ph 0476 000 996