Jazz comes to the Progress Hall

260940-jazzLast night was the inaugural meeting of MIJA – Macleay Island Jazz Appreciation – held at the Progress Hall on Macleay Island.

Guy Hickey, President of the Progress Association and a keen jazz aficionado, hopes to see this monthly event build in stature as time goes by and more people hear of it.

The format is simple. Come along to the Progress Hall once a month on a Wednesday night (dates to be decided) from 6.30 to 8pm. Bring your own nibbles and drinks and enjoy the coolest music around.

Last night was “canned music” as Guy was unsure who would attend. Future nights will include live music when available but all are welcome to bring their favourite CDs and Guy will play them.

This is a very new group and no doubt it will evolve over time. Give it a go if you like jazz.