Happy New Year

A happy New Year to my fellow islanders.

2016 saw a resurgence of building on our island with corresponding increase in traffic.

I’d like to see our community make a conscious effort to retain the laid back atmosphere of the island. Don’t rush from place to place, putting children and wildlife at risk. The island is only 6 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide – speeding can’t get you to your destination that much faster, surely? There’s always another ferry or barge and those few minutes saved are not worth a life.

Only yesterday I saw a car driving up my street who deliberately tried to run over the tail of one of the resident peacocks. Mate, we love our peacocks. We call them the Macleay Island roadsweepers because of their magnificent tails. Andrew is used to cars pausing to admire him as he stalks across the road. There was no need for your actions. I’m not sure whether you were trying to hurry him up (won’t happen) or just being plain mean but don’t do it again.

I also see a great many complaints about hooning on the island and complaints that the police don’t do enough to stop it. May I suggest everyone does their bit? There are only two policemen on the island and they are busy with other police work most of the time. If you see a car speeding or being driven erratically, take the number, note the time and date and THEN approach the police. I’m sure they will do something. PS It’s a good idea if you have a witness, otherwise it’s your word against the drivers.