Anna Niblic Heggie


As a painter and photographer I find it interesting and fun to oscillate between the two media. I also love to draw and have become less attached to what I do and more interested in the creative process. It is something I liken to ‘seeing through the eyes of my inner poet’ and flowing with it.
I started at an early age and just kept going regardless. Expressing ideas, thoughts and perceptions became a kaleidoscope in which I could sketch an idea, capture an image with my camera or investigate further through painting.
The skilful and playful manipulation of layers and effects in a computer program became another means to creating images. Painting on the other hand, requires more time for reflection and completion. The combination of the real, the unconscious mind, compositional devices, painting skills and more all come together as if part of a theatrical setting.
The television 12 part series I did years ago with Bris.31, Arts Masterclass, was a lot of fun. The Kedamaian exhibitions shown in three countries, the Medieval French Village solo shows across Australia and New Zealand, the Brisbane exhibitions of female objects and the earlier Indian Summer shows amongst others, reflect many years of working as an artist.
Since moving to Macleay Island, I have had a major solo exhibition in Brisbane’s Redland Museum, the Mannequin Series.
I have made many new friends on Macleay Island and find the artist community, the art centre and the connection with others a wonderful thing to be part of.


Major Exhibitions/Events
2015 Solo Exhibition The Mannequin: Not Just A Clothes Horse, Redland Museum, BRISBANE
2010 – 2013 Arts and Yoga Retreat Director, Laughing Buddha, South Ballina Beach Resort, NSW
2012 Artworks & Art designs for ceramic ware, Twisted Sister Cafe, Byron Bay, NSW
2009 River of Life Exhibition, Ballina Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW
2008 Kedamaian 3, Major International Touring Exhibition, Still @the centre Gallery, Byron Bay, NSW
2007 Kedamaian 2, Major International Touring Exhibition, Rudana Museum, Ubud, Bali, INDONESIA
2007 Montréal: Soul et Synergie, Solo Photographic Exhibition, The Alliance Française. SYDNEY
The French Series Exhibition, Studio Niblic, Photography and Paintings, Lennox Head Studio. NSW
2006 Kedamaian Exhibition Major International Touring Exhibition, Barber Gallery, Toronto, CANADA
Paris Séries: Le Beau est toujours Bizarre Solo Photo Exhibition, Alliance Française. SYDNEY
Paris Séries: Le Beau est toujours Bizarre Solo Photo Exhibition, Alliance Française BRISBANE
2006 Represented by Richard Martin Gallery, SYDNEY.
Mannequins: Paintings at Nurybah Gallery, Far North Coast, NSW
2004 A Shadow In The Last Sun, Solo Exhibition of Paintings, Gallery 482, BRISBANE
2004 A Medieval Village; St. Cirq La Poppie Solo Photographic Exhibition, Alliance Française SYDNEY
Touring exhibition of “A Medieval Village” BRISBANE then Major Cities of NEW ZEALAND
2003 Adrift, Solo Exhibition of Paintings, Gallery 482 BRISBANE
2002 Bridging Cultures, Solo Cultural Exhibition Pengosekan Gallery, Ubud, Bali, INDONESIA.
1999 Accessories Solo Painting exhibition, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, STANTHORPE, QLD
1998 Accessories Solo Painting Exhibition, Gallery 482, BRISBANE
1997 Association Des Objects Solo exhibition of paintings, Brooklet House Gallery, Byron Bay, NSW
Indian Summer, Solo Painting Exhibition Gallery 482, BRISBANE
Female Associations Solo Exhibition of Paintings, The Orient, Byron Bay, NSW
1996 Indian Summer Paintings and Drawings, Solo Exhibition, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, NSW
1993 Metaphors and Moods: Reflections of a Vanishing Landscape, Cape Gallery, Byron Bay, NSW
1992 Images, Objects and Influences, Solo Exhibit, Lismore Regional Art Gallery. NSW


Group Exhibitions And Representations:
2013 Sunrise Art Exhibition, Lennox Head, NSW
2009 EMSLA Still Life Award
2007- Olive Cotton Photographic Awards Tweed Regional Gallery, NSW
2007 Represented by Barber Gallery, Toronto, CANADA
2006 Represented by Pollock Galleries, MELBOURNE
2006 Represented by Richard Martin Galleries, Paddington, SYDNEY