After the fire ….


Photo: Courtesy Jeanette March

The recent fire which devastated Tim Shea Wetlands was an exercise in island co-operation. I’ll take a bow on behalf of our own Rural Fire Brigade who worked day and night to save houses and protect property. We could not have done this without the help of our fellow fire fighters from Russell, Lamb and Karagara, who all came over to help during the lengthy task of extinguishing the flames. Our thanks also go to Redland Bay and Cleveland Urban Brigades who assisted and especially to the Air Attack helicopters. Without them, it might well have been a different story.

Can’t forget our Support Members either. These ladies kept us fuelled on the fire ground with wonderful food and soft drinks. It takes a lot of energy to fight a fire and these wonder women kept us going all week.

Most of all, I’d like to thank Macleay Islanders. So many people helped in many different ways. The Bowls Club loaned their bus to courier inter-island fire fighters to our base in High Central Road, M&K Plant Hire used their equipment to great effect … the list is endless. Everyone on Macleay has been amazing over the last few days. So a big thank you to each and every one of you.

Want to help the Fire Brigade even more? ADOPT A HYDRANT.

You might have one outside your house, next door or across the road. There should be a white or yellow post with a black H on it. (sometimes these are missing). About a metre in front of the post is a yellow metal hydrant cover on the ground.
If you want to help us, please clear around the hydrant cover.
You could also lift the cover and check inside. Watch out for spiders and ants. If you can keep the interior clear of dirt it would save us so much time. When it’s full of dirt, it can take us ten-fifteen minutes to clear it out and that’s time we are not getting water on that fire.
If you need further information on this, call me on 0408813130 or ask a friend who is a firie on the island.